‘Tis the Season for Charity Knitting & Crochet

I know it’s still warm/hot out, but this is the time of year when a knitter’s & crocheter’s thoughts turn to the colder months ahead.  I know that a lot of us make holiday gifts as well, but I’d like to make a plea for a charity that’s near and dear to my heart:  The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.


The Lakota people living on the reservation have an 85-95% unemployment rate.  They deal with grinding poverty.  In fact, two of the three poorest counties in the U.S. are located on the reservation.  Medical services are substandard and subject to very lengthy waiting periods.  Families are often crowded 20 or more people to a very small house with little heat or running water.


The good news is, there is something we as knitters & crocheters can do about this.  There are many excellent organizations that help the Lakota help themselves, especially children and the elderly, and quite a few of them accept donations of hand made hats, scarves, mittens, blankets, sweaters, shawls and toys.


I’d like to ask all of you who are so inclined to check out the links below and learn more about the organizations and the Lakota themselves.  I’ve donated my handmade warm snuggly things to the reservation for close to 10 years now, and I hope that many of you will join me.


Basic info on the Res: http://www.nativevillage.org/Messages%20from%20the%20People/Hidden%20Away%20in%20the%20Land%20of%20Plenty.htm


Love Afghans For Pine Ridge – A Yahoo group of knitters & crocheters who make squares for blankets for the rez: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/loveafghans4prr/


And finally, Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation.  This organization has mailing addresses to send your donations to, current needs and emergencies, etc.  Even if you can’t knit or crochet a stitch, there are drives for school supplies, books and such: http://friendsofpineridgereservation.org/  They also have a Yahoo group that you can join to learn about the latest drives and needs:http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FriendsofPineRidgeReservation/


Thanks for reading this and thanks to all who decide to lend a helping hook or needle!

-Knit Wit


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